The Image of a Father by Bryan Davis

The Image of a Father
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The Image of a Father

Reflections of God for today's father

God revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ, the perfect representation of the Father's glory. This living example proves that God wants us to know what He is like. Although our children are able to understand the attributes of God by studying the Bible and the life of Christ, we fathers have the responsibility to be a living study of God's character, being imitators of Christ, the perfect image of the Father.

The Image of a Father shows how a father can live up to the enormous responsibility of demonstrating the character of God for his children. With biblical background, concrete examples, and humorous anecdotes, this book walks a father through twelve categories of our heavenly Father's paternal attributes. Although every godly characteristic is important throughout a child's life, the earlier chapters generally correspond to the qualities that are more crucial in the early years of a child's life, and the later chapters handle issues that more frequently arise in the later years.