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*Dragons in our Midst (Ages 10 to 16)

Raising Dragons

The Candlestone

Circles of Seven

Tears of a Dragon

Raising Dragons graphic novel

*Oracles of Fire (Ages 10 to 16)

Eye of the Oracle

Enoch's Ghost

Last of the Nephilim

The Bones of Makaidos

Maiden Flight (Chapter Download)

*Children of the Bard (Ages 10 to 16)

Song of the Ovulum

From the Mouth of Elijah

The Seventh Door

Omega Dragon

*The above three series are in the same story world

**Dragons of Starlight (Ages 10 to 16)





**Tales of Starlight (Ages 15 to Adult)

Masters & Slayers

Third Starlighter

Exodus Rising

**The above two series are in the same story world The Reapers Trilogy (Ages 13 to Adult)


Beyond the Gateway

Reaper Reborn

Time Echoes Trilogy (Ages 13 to Adult)

Time Echoes


Fatal Convergence

The Oculus Gate (Ages 13 to Adult)

Heaven Came Down

Invading Hell

Wanted Superheroes (Ages 8 to 12)

Wanted:A Superhero to Save the World

Hertz to Be a Hero

Antigravity Heroes

Standalone Books

Let the Ghosts Speak (Adult)

Write Them In (Ages 13 to Adult)

I Know Why the Angels Dance (Adult)

The Scent of Her Soul (Adult)

The Image of a Father (Adult)

Spit and Polish for Husbands (Adult)

Free Indeed (Adult)

Seven Promises from a Father to His Daughter (Adult)

Beelzebed (Ages 4 to 8)